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Sunday, June 25, 2017

Writing Prompt #3 and #4

Describe your favorite place and time to read. Why is it so special?

I like reading on my bed in my room or at my desk. I am most active after 4pm so I like to read when I can focus the best. However, if the book has me hooked then I can read it any time anywhere. An example of this was when I was reading Me Before You by Jojo Moyes. I could not put my e-reader down. I read that book and its sequel very quickly as the story line had me hooked in.

Describe a book you enjoyed so much that you wished the story would continue. Write a letter to the author, encouraging him or her to write a sequel.

Dear writers of The Tribe,

I know this was not initially a book but the story was written by someone. After that series ended, I really wanted more. I guess that’s because there was supposed to be another season but it was cancelled. I guess this is 16 years late but I would love to have a supplementary text written to explain what happened to the characters after they floated off on a boat.
The same goes for Higher Ground. I would love to know exactly what happened to those kids and if they found the healing they so desperately searched for.

Thank you for your time,