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Monday, June 11, 2018

Writing Prompt #12

#12 If you could have a party and invite anyone you wanted living or dead, who would be on your guest list? Why?

This is a difficult one, especially now that I am an adult. Just a reminder to everyone, these writing prompts were for the 8th grade writing level.\

The question did not specify the number of people so I will list a few.

Firstly, I would invite Family members that have passed away. I still have so many questions about our family and what happened during the various wars that they lived through and about my family in general.

Next I would invite Jacksepticeye and Markiplier because those guys are really great and could help rig up the gaming section of the party.

Lastly, I would invite an actor from a movie. I am such a movie buff that I can’t decide which one but there are several that are really friendly and would be really cool to hang out with.

Oh and the band of choice would be Skillet or For King and Country. I mean what party can happen without music.


Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Quick Update*EDITED*

Its been a while!

I've been busy with one thing and another. At the end of April I went to New York to visit my boyfriend. I did some writing while I was there but I forgot to actually upload it. He also came home for 2 weeks so I got busy with that too. I have not had regular work in a couple weeks which is frustrating but what can you do.

At some point tomorrow I will be hanging out at a Starbucks and I will set more posts to publish for the next month or whenever I have the time to sit down and schedule the stuff I already wrote.

I have loads of news that I cannot share at this time. I will be doing more blog posts and Youtube videos in the future. The scheduling feature is really useful. I usually set it for a Monday at 12 noon. Something new should release on that day of the week. Youtube schedule is still to be decided. I'm thinking Thursdays but right now I simply do not have the time to record anything but I will be working on some material in the meantime.

Until then please bare with me as I am going through a lot of life changes and need time to handle them.


Monday, March 5, 2018

Writing Prompt #11

If a classmate decided to write a book about you, how do you think he or she would characterize you? 

If anyone wrote a book about me they would characterize me as I am; the good and the bad. I believe that a biography or a story should describe the person as they are. We are unique beings. No one is the same as another. Our flaws are what make us extraordinary. I think that is what makes our lives interesting. I often sit and people watch and think about what their life might be like, what they might be going through, and what they are doing that day.

Let’s use me as an example. You can observe me sitting at a Starbucks right this moment. I am sitting at a sort of bar with booth seating facing the room and the coffee machines and baristas, with a glass wall behind me. I am wearing headphones over my head and typing away on a laptop. You can say that I look like a college student because of all the papers and a binder at my side. You over heard me talking to the cashier. I was at traffic court today and I have a headache. I must be pretty stressed out. I occasionally pause to think about what I am writing. My head sways to the music that I am listening to. Then you can branch out to the possibilities. This is where your imagination can go wild. Characterization is subjective. If three people observed me for 20 minutes they might come up with completely different characterizations.

 To answer this question, I do not know what someone would say about me.


Wednesday, February 28, 2018

The Power of Words: Positive Mental Attitude

I have always believed in the power of words. What you speak out loud you tend to start to believe; the truth and the lies, the good and the bad. I strongly believe in positive self talk and general positive words and attitude. On the other side of things, the negative is very powerful and should not be taken lightly. Negativity is so strong that it stays with you longer than positivity. There is a tight bond that has to be broken for positivity to take root.

I don’t believe in superstitions but my culture is full of them. There are a few I grew up with. For example, I could not hand my dad my car keys through a doorway. I had to step across the threshold for him to take them. It is considered bad luck to hand something over a threshold. I still do that to this day. Another one involves putting safety pins in your clothing to ward off jinxed and bad luck. I plan to find a silver one to put on my necklace so I always have it with me. The funny thing is that my grandfather used to put them in all of my clothes. Now I know why.

I guess you live and you learn.

May you all develop a positive mental attitude.


Monday, February 26, 2018

Writing Prompt #10

What would you like to change about your town? How could you do it?

I live in a small historic town. As an adult, I would say that the price of living can be changed for people to live here more comfortably. Real Estate is really expensive the closer you get to all of the restaurants and bars. I guess it makes sense to a degree but what if I want a nice apartment or condo closer to all the fun? Even a one bedroom apartment is $1,040 a month depending on where you look. I pay half that staying at home. Either way one of my goals is to have a condo of my own one day.
How could I change this? This change can only happen on a government level. Basically the government would have to do what they do in Europe. A monthly allowance that pays rent and whatever is left for food. You can still work but at least most of your living arrangement is take care of. Either way, I do not work in the government so I do not know what would work and what would not.