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Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Social Media: Silenced Voices

Social media is the best and worst thing to happen to society.

Sure. It connects people socially and romantically but it can be devastating to your self esteem.

Lately I have been very upset by it and a very famous quote comes to mind. In one of the Harry Potter films, he discovers that he has a connection with Voldemort and he says to Professor Dumbledore, "I am so angry all the time" I am not angry per se but I am incredibly frustrated and maybe I am letting things get to me. 

Lately, I have seen a disturbing trend. Anytime ANYONE says something remotely uncomfortable, comments get deleted and people get banned. I even remove my own comments at times. What is saddening is that people can't freely express their own opinion without someone attacking them for speaking. It is like this in real life too. Often times I am not even saying that someone should believe as I do but there are certainly better ways to respond to someone.

Whatever happened to freedom of speech? Apparently it does not exist on the interwebs at all.