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Thursday, June 22, 2017

Why Temp Work is Not for Everyone

I have done temp work a few times and each time I feel the same way.

Companies use temps to avoid the risk of hiring a bad employee. The bottom line is that temps are very easy to get rid of.

Temp status can be very depressing. Its like being at the bottom of the food chain or the lowest caste in a society. You are expendable. Also you are frequently not included in activities that the main group in society gets to participate in.

As unfair as this is, there are really good employees hired via this process. The saddest thing is that some temps do half a job, have bad attitudes, and act badly behind the bosses back. Those are solid reasons to let them go.

But what about those that work hard half their life and do not get hired permanent.

Thats where I sit.

I have been working since I was 16. Thats half my life. (I will be 30 in 2018). I still don't have permanent work and no healthcare. How is that fair? Its not. But thats the way things are. You go looking for a better life and its a stalemate.

Temp or not, the choice is yours. Just be prepared for the heartache.