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Wednesday, September 28, 2016

About the Blogger


My whole name is.................. 22 letters long. For purposes of anonymity I will use my Alias: Melody. I am a young, single, 20 something that needs a place to speak my mind. I think writing is the best way to do that. I also have a Youtube channel, play the flute, and I love animals of all kinds.

This blog will give you a unique look into my mind and my everyday frustration and joy.

This blog was started back in my college days. I have since removed all the posts from school and converted this into a personal blog. I just write whatever is on my mind. Sometimes I am in a deep mood and other times I feel like ranting about something. Sometimes it is something in between. Some of the posts are about Movies and Series that touched me in some way or I felt like talking about them.

Enjoy my blog! Comment and Follow if you want. There is no regularly scheduled posts yet.

Melody out!