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Saturday, September 3, 2011

Degrassi Season 11 Part 1 Finale

Night Owl here...Reporting on Degrassi Now or Never Season 11.

Wow that title was a mouthful. However that finale left me speechless... I wasn't surprised at how things ended. It certainly had me on the edge of my seat in suspense.
I've been watching Degrassi since I was about 15 or 16 years old. I'm nearly 23 and this series never gets old. I love that it explores topics that are very real to all teenagers. The show is so realistic that certain parts had me tearing up a little. I'll discuss some of my favorite characters below. Starting with the female characters.

Clare: I love her because she is so passionate about those that she cares about. The problem with that is that she always seems to get her heart broken. I loved her paired with Eli but when she and Jake got together I thought it was even cuter. Then they find out that their parents are getting married. I wonder what will happen there. Part 2 of Season 11 should answer that question. She is a little too dramatic for my taste.

Fiona: She has her issues but who doesn't. I feel that I can relate to her a little more than the other characters. I will elaborate on that in my next blog post. At the end of Part 1 of Season 11 she is left alone at Degrassi. I wonder what heights she will reach. I also hope she gets help for her temptation. I no longer call her an alcoholic or an addict to alcohol. I'd say she's grown a lot since her last binge. Now she merely falls to her temptations when she is very sad about something, which is not the right way to go about dealing with her emotional problems.

Holly J: If there was an award for Most Improved I would give it to Holly J. Over the course of the last 5 seasons I watched her go from a horrible snob with no likability factor to a really sweet young woman destined for greatness. I used to hate her so much. She was so mean to Anya and all the others. Once she found a niche in the school she flourished like a plant in rich soil. When she got sick I got a soft spot for her. I felt bad that she was the one that ended up with a horrible illness involving her kidneys. At the end of Part 1 of Season 11 she got her long awaited kidney transplant and of course it had to be the same day as prom. Her friends had no problem making her feel amazing despite the fact that she was missing her senior prom. Who cares about prom when your going to Yale. Seriously. :)

Anya: She's not at the top of my list but she's pretty high up there. My favorite trait of hers is her vulnerability. It makes her such an attractive person to the male characters (Owen and Sav). It also gives her an edge that none of the other characters have. When I first saw her she was doing a sticker book with Sav. I was like wow very immature. Then her mom got cancer and she had to grow up real quick. Now roughly 5 seasons later she is a grown young woman. I commend her for deciding to give the army a try. It would be nice to see her in a future episode in a uniform promoting the army at Degrassi.

Bianca: She always struck me as a really tough girl. Everyone is afraid of her but some how the guys are attracted to her despite their fear that she could kill them or have them killed. When she got together with Drew, I really liked them as a couple. They looked good together. I knew it wasn't meant to be. Especially after Drew got bloodied up by a gang. She still cares and tried to save his life by basically sacrificing hers. That is the actions of a true friend. I saw the way he was looking at her at prom but I honestly think his heart lies with Katie.

Katie: The over achiever. I loved her character right from the off. I may be a female but I have permission to say that she is a very beautiful young woman and I wish I looked like her. As far as her achieving, I wish I had that too. She is a breath of fresh air to Degrassi. Now she's also class president. She is tough but there is a sensitivity there which is so beautiful.

Ms. Oh: She has been the center of attention in all the male characters eyes. She was hurt a lot in relationships. I could totally see her with Sav. I was so sad to see their romantic moment interrupted by school violence during prom. But this is Degrassi. Of course it would happen like this. Sav has left Degrassi and the end of Part 1 of Season 11. I doubt he would be back. If he was to come back I would love for Ms. Oh to have a real man.

Imogen: I thought she was so crazy when she first came on the scene. Then she brutally got her heart broken by Eli. I found her to be a rather unique addition to the Degrassi crew. She lays down her own self esteem to make things better for everyone. She made her nose bleed for Eli. She accepted a gift from Bianca. The two looked like they might be friends but it is uncertain. As weird as her character is, I see a sense of maturity in her eyes. Even thought she acts like a child at times, she still seems to have some maturity about her. I foresee that she will mature during her time at Degrassi just like the other characters.

The guys are a whole other story

Drew: I always thought Drew was a very versatile character. He and Bianca were a really cute couple but she is not his type. He took up fighting toward the end of Part 1 of Season 11. This made him really attractive. After the gang beat up on him, he and Bianca broke up because of the restraining order. Drew got together with Katie. I think she is better suited for him. Adam is Drew's little brother.

Eli: He is one of my favorite Degrassi guys. He and Clare stole my heart in the middle of Season 10. They had a short romance but she helped him with his hoarding issue. Then he became infatuated by her to the point of obsession. At end of Season 10 he seems to loose his marbles and crashes his hearse in an attempt to win her back. At the beginning of Season 11 he starts taking medication. Then stops so he can unleash his creativity to write the school play which he and Fiona are co-producing. Eventually the lack of meds causes him to hallucinate. He seems to really go crazy over Clare and everything. After the play he is diagnosed with bipolar and is put back on meds. I like him better after he's on the right meds and when he is trying to be a friend to Clare versus wanting to be with her. At prom he finds out that Clare and Jake are to be step siblings. He says he's sorry and they both smile at each other.

Jake: Jake and Clare dated during the first part of Season 11. I thought they were adorable together but now that their parents are getting married they can't be together. They will be step siblings. I don't like how he handled the news. His dad may deserve to be happy but what about him. I would have reacted just like Clare did. Other than all that I like Jake. I loved the moment in the sweat lodge when they first confessed their love to each other with the aid of none other than Eli. Then were locked in alone and made out for a while until the teacher showed up.
Adam: I love Adam. He may be FTM trans-gendered but I love his personality. I will use the pronoun he because thats the way he feels. The most important episode for Adam happened during Season 10. "My Body is a Cage". He tells Eli and Clare the truth. They still accept him for who he is "between the ears" as he likes to say. Adam is the first Trans-gendered kid on Degrassi. This causes many problems but once Season 11 rolls around he seems to be fitting in despite the fact that his brother Drew is having issues and nearly forces a move. At the end of part 1 of Season 11 Adam ends up getting shot at prom by a stray bullet from Vince's gun. Hearing Adam scream really made me emotional. Then Clare and Eli kept reassuring him that girls love scars. Adam replies, "until I take off my shirt". There may be some foreshadowing there.

Sav: He first appeared on the scene in Season 8. At first I didn't really like him but as he warmed up to Degrassi, he seemed to find his niche. I enjoyed watching him grow as a person. He was an adorable boyfriend and a very loyal friend. I was sad to see him leave.

So now we wait until Part 2 of Season 11. It is due to come out the first or second week of October 2011.

Night Owl out.