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Tuesday, February 7, 2017

New Year...New Job!

Ok so this year has blown my mind so far. I will make this short since I have to be up a little early tomorrow.

Last year my life was headed down hill very fast and I was very discouraged. A little over a week into the new year, I had been in a car accident which was the most unfair thing because the other driver was at fault but walked away with just a scratch on their car. My car took all the force (standing vehicle hit by another vehicle) and was totaled. My Lucy was gone. I had to drive rentals for a couple months. Then I got Carolinka but now I have car payments. I took the bad with the good and went with it.

Then I found a job as a security guard. I kind of enjoyed it but the hours were crazy. I missed out on so much and at times it made me really upset. Especially around the holidays. Just a few days before Christmas my dad fell off a roof and hurt his back. Thank God he is ok now.  Then I spent New Years in a tiny little guard shack. Thankfully my parents Skyped in but still I was beyond upset about that. It was a really terrible year.

Here comes 2017. A couple weeks in I got a Facebook message from a friend in response to my pleas for a job. She said her old company was hiring and she could talk to the Manager. I agreed to let her put in a referral. I also put in about 10 other applications. In addition to the friend, 2 other applications showed promise. All 3 called me up and I considered my options. the first offered part time 3 days a week. The second offered a temp position but only for 3 months. And the last one offered full time temp to hire. The last option was the least risky. I decided to throw myself into the third option. Within a week of the interviews, I started working at a Securities Firm.

I am so mind blown right now. It is surreal to think that I do longer have to think about reports, patrols, or bar codes. I don't have to freeze in a tiny little building on a Saturday night. "Dobby is free!!!!" At the end of this week, I have my first weekend off in a year. I don't even know what to do with myself. I think I might go to the movies to see a special screening of Princess Bride and maybe record some videos for my Youtube channel.

I am so happy right now.
Humble but confident.