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Wednesday, October 28, 2015

What inspires you?....

Lately people have been so nasty online. Downright hurtful. Its depressing. Even today it feels like there is nothing you can do to stop it sometimes. Other times I have had someone stand up and stick up for me and later tell me they were sorry that someone said something mean to me. That means the world to me. Unfortunately social media is full of these cyber bullies.

Here is how I deal with it. First I try to tell them to stop. If they won't then I tell the friend who's post it originally belonged to in order to get them to stick up for me. Sometimes this blows up in my face and that "friend" tells me that it was my fault that the bully reacted the way that they did. Well when this happens I simply block the bully and unfollow the friend. This way I still have a friend but I don't have to see their posts all the time and therefore I wouldn't be tempted to comment on it. This method generally works on most forms of social media. On Youtube this works a little differently.

On Youtube it is much harder to report a bully. I personally have made all my video comments by approval only. I am still a small channel and I can easily monitor what people say and I will not approve something hurtful. I let a couple comments slip once and it ended badly but I removed it and its gone. That's another thing. You can delete posts on your profiles. They don't have to be there if you don't want them to be. Basically you don't have to let someone have the power to hurt you. If they post again Block them.

I understand its not that simple but in some way it is.

What inspires me is what Eleanor Roosevelt said,"No one can make you feel inferior without your consent." She is so right! What she means is that if you do not give someone the power to hurt you then you won't feel hurt by them. Emotional pain is very real and it can do some serious damage to someone that has been constantly barraged by hurtful comments.

So here's the plan that I am using to inspire you and anyone else on the internet. If you see someone being cyber bullied, stand up for them and tell the bully that what they are doing is not necessary and that they pushed it too far. Make them think about what they did and realize that they would not want to be treated the same way.

Just some thoughts after I re-watched Cyberbully.

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Fluteplayer777 out!