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Tuesday, October 13, 2015

LIKE A BOSS!: Why I wear a bracelet with those words on it and a pink mustache...

I don't wear much jewelry on my wrists because I am always on the computer. 
One day I bought a bracelet that glows in the dark and says LIKE A BOSS on it in white letters. 

A few months later I found a Youtuber called Jacksepticeye. His style of commentary grew on me over the last couple of months. When I first found him,  he was in a growing stage and hadn't quite found himself. Now he is amazing and about to reach 7 Million subscribers. Numbers are not everything but that is really exciting. Almost as exciting as 50 subs would be for a channel as small as mine.

Allow me to explain the pink mustache. As you probably guessed it is the symbol used to identify Wilford Warfstache which is the alter ego of Markiplier. I found Mark way before I found Jack. I love them both.

I never take this bracelet off. It reminds me of what these guys stand for and that I should keep being strong. Things get me down sometimes and I see the bracelet and smile. When I come home it glows in the garage to help me find my way and I feel comforted. Most of all these guys made me laugh when I was too hurt to bother and they themselves were hurting but worked through the pain to keep doing awesome stuff. 

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Fluteplayer777 out!