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Saturday, September 3, 2011

Fiona Coyne : Degrassi C&C

Fiona Coyne is one of the characters in Degrassi that I could relate to in a different way than all the other characters. She is a fighter. She is dealing with a temptation to drink. I don't drink but I can relate in terms of other types of addictions. She feels alone a lot. I can definitely say that I feel like that sometimes too. Especially this year. I had a falling out with my friends from last semester. Now I am virtually alone on campus everyday. I have three close friends that I rarely see.
Fiona is dealing with a similar situation in that all her friends are graduating and she's not. She is left alone at Degrassi. It is nice to see her around.
She is very beautiful. Her eyes are beautiful. I get that a lot myself. Now to get the makeup just right. She is rich and that is not something I wish I had because things would be too easy. I don't like scraping by the its the only way that will make you work harder to EARN the money you have which makes you more grateful for what you have.
Fiona is a lesbian. Obviously I'm not and never will be. But I think she is constantly discovering new things about herself and the lesbian thing might change. It makes her look like she became a lesbian because of the abusive relationship rather than the way she feels inside. I think that was a misstep on the producers part.

I really want to see what will happen with her.