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Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Why Do People Complain So Much?

There is a difference between someone getting annoyed and a legitimate concern. A difference between someone asking a single question and someone spending all their time bugging people for answers.

Complaints taken seriousy can cost someone their job. That is what scares me the most. People complain about every little thing. Its like tattle tails in grade school. Its immature. I wish people would come to me directly about something that is bothering them and we can work it out between us and not waste our managers time.

Legitemate complaints are constructive in nature. They are an effort to make something better than it is. An example of this is when your food at a restaurant is not cooked all the way or if someone at work or school is not compliant with regulations or rules. Complaining about someone just because you are annoyed by them is the worst reason to complain.

I used to be the type that tattled on other kids and complained about everything until I came to a realization.

My words have more power than I knew.