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Thursday, February 2, 2017

Why do I love going to the movies?

I just went to see The Space Between Us. I absolutely loved it. Asa Butterfield did a great job portraying a teen named Gardner Elliot that was born and grew up on Mars. Britt Robertson played his Earthling friend turn love interest named Tulsa. Sadly he can't survive in Earth's atmosphere and has to go back to Mars but something tells me that Tulsa will go there to be with him in the future based on the fact that she was adopted by a retired Astronaut and was in the NASA Training program at the end of the film.

When I walked out of the theater I got to thinking about why I love movies so much. To put it simply: Movies make me feel something. My world is pretty lonely. I have a few friends but everyone is busy with their lives and sometimes I don't see my best friend for months at a time. I completely understand. Over the last year I have kept busy too. I also didn't have weekends off. So I missed the chances to hang out with my friends.

Movies tell a story in a very real way. Especially when a good actor is in the movie. In this particular movie, I felt butterflies when Gardner kissed Tulsa for the first time. That is just one example when I really felt a connection to the characters and what they were feeling. In other movies I have felt a stronger connection to a character on a personal level. A good example of this is with Zootopia's Judy Hopps. I related to everything she felt and went through in the movie. I like to say that Zootopia is the story of my life in a way.

Movies are like small adventures that take you away to another world for a couple hours.
So I guess.... movies make my life a little less lonely.