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Sunday, January 15, 2017

2017-New Year, New You?

Well its half way through the first month of the year and already a lot of positive things have happened. I am honestly a little overwhelmed.

First I was able to connect with several people about open positions in their companies; mostly family members and friends this time. The first few came back with temp positions that lasted for 3 months or part time 3 days a week. Then a major opportunity fell into my lap from a friend on Facebook. On the first day, I was called for a phone interview, the next day I came in for a second in-person interview, and the next day they called and offered me a job. The conditions were acceptable. The only thing is that it is temp to hire to see what I can do. I am a little worried but since I will be trained, I feel a little better about it. Now I am just waiting for them to start background checks and all that. While I wait the next couple of weeks for processing, I plan to read up on the stock market and how it all works. As terrified as I am, this whole thing is exciting. I believe I can do it.

Next I visited a few churches in the last couple of weeks. I ended up coming back to New Life church. It is a Slavic Evangelical church that I have been to before. I ended up at a service on a Friday night. It turned out to be a youth service but no one kicked me out. Instead they asked me to go ahead and join them for the evening. The pastor even said that the youth ministry could use a lot of help in all aspects. I plan to email him about that and start coming regularly on Fridays. And eventually on Sunday when I get settled into a new schedule. I immediately felt that God was telling me that this was my new home. I felt God saying, "This is where I need you to be."

New Year, New me? For sure! This is shaping up to be a really great year. I just need to keep leaning on my faith and really listening to God.

Next Step: Figure out how to fit a running schedule into my day.