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Friday, November 4, 2016

Words Do Hurt...Despite What You Might Think

I am a huge movie lover. My hometown theater is my go-to place. I am probably their most frequent customer. I try and go to the blockbusters there rather than any where else. I have hung out there for a solid 9 years now.

Anyways....I have a story to tell you. I know, I know. This is going to be a slightly different blog post than my usual.

I went to see a movie. It was a kids movie. Animated feature. Super cute! That pretty much sets the scene. Kids ranging from age 7 and younger. Everyone gets seated. The host explains the rules of the theater and then leaves. Some people arrived during previews. It is clear that they might not have heard the aforementioned announcement.

The movie begins. The whole thing was adorable. Singing and dancing and beautiful colors. Kids will be kids and they giggle and laugh with each scene. Sometimes it is really quiet in the movie and kids are still talking. I say Shh on occasion and it quiets down. The row behind me drops their nacho tray not once but twice. I say shh and the guy goes off on me and cusses me out with the f-bomb. Then calls me a fat ass. I am shaking in my seat. He told me to leave. So I did. I told an usher what happened and security was called down. The guy came out and acted all calm and tried to make me out to be the crazy one. I hate it when people do that. At this point I am shaking and we are going back and forth at an impasse as to who should be made to leave. Security offers me another showing but its getting late. I said I would leave. I should not have had to do that but I decided it was for the best. Some people just get everything they want and its wise just to not fight it sometimes.

I do not blame the movie theater for an experience like this. I blame the people that decide to be jerks. The theater handled the situation really well. Unfortunately I had to leave but I will certainly be back at a later date.

I will say this: I have not been hurt this badly since I was in high school. I normally let things slide off me like a duck in water but I will not stand for bullies of any age.

Melody out!