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Thursday, January 28, 2016

Youtubers are People too...

Recently a few Youtubers responded to my comments on their videos. Most responses were very nice. But a couple of times I was really embarrassed.

One of my favorite Youtubers is Jacksepticeye. He has an awesome game commentary style and is overall a really cool video personality. I really enjoy his videos. Sometimes he answers comments. While this is really great, it can be very hard to respond to comments in a respectful way. Of course no one is perfect. He has responded twice and both times I was embarrassed of what I wrote. He is definitely someone we all look up to. Shame is my immediate reaction to that comment response.

Here's the thing. Many people including myself comment before a video is over or wander into the comments section. I am guilty of that. Sometimes I am sitting there screaming at my screen and then a comment would be written without even thinking about it. I never mean to be annoying or obvious. Maybe I am over thinking it but I am very glad that he and others still respond to comments. I guess I will watch what I say.

In addition to this I got a response from PatrckStatic. He is uber cool. I also got a 1+ on a comment from a famous makeup artist.

As my rant comes to a close, I just want to say this: People will comment. Please be mindful of what you say when you respond. I certainly will be mindful of both my comments and my responses. Most of all, be as respectful as you can.

Fluteplayer777 out!