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Thursday, October 22, 2015

Depression and Social Media: My Thoughts

The main thing on my mind lately is social media!
Anxiety and depression are effected by this too.
I am on Blogger(Blogspot), Twitter, Instagram VK, Facebook, and Youtube, of course. It can be very hurtful at times and altogether overwhelming.
It starts with Anxiety.

"No one is responding, no one is watching, no one is reading,"

Those thoughts escalate quickly into depression.

"No one cares, no one likes you, you are wasting your time"

Then positivity tries to light the lantern of hope.

"You love playing music, writing and arranging. People have told you how talented you are"

Then depression takes its turn to speak.

"They are just being nice. what you do does not matter to anyone, why don't you quit." No! Never!

This is the thought process that a Youtuber, or any other social media user that has depression, face every day. The constant battle is exhausting. The external validation or lack there of, is what makes this cycle repeat itself.

Please, Have mercy on us and support the little people!

Oh! I got another subscriber!
Melody out!